Sustainability in prawns

In support of the BC Spot Prawn Industry we have a very good sustainable prawn fishery.   Our product is much in demand as it positively addresses the concerns of sustainability in an often maligned seafood industry.  The posts and pages on this site attempt to show all aspects of the world prawn/shrimp industry and how we as consumers are affected.

It is not as though we go out of our way to choose non-sustainable products.  Largely it is a slick marketing scheme that shows the finished product much differently than its origin.  Price often is a factor.

This  Coffee House blog touches on sustainability  and a link to a  Prawn Consumer Guide.

The majority of prawn harvesting techniques and resulting available products that we find in local markets are less than acceptable to consumers today.  Our spot prawn by trap fishery is recognized worldwide as an acceptable, recommended and responsible fishery that provides a high quality product.

BC Prawns are choice.  Support our local industry.

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