Prawn Care

BC Spot Prawns frozen in the shell are convenient and versatile. Leave the shell on for a quick boil or grilling on the barbecue or in a pan.

The shells come off easily for a stir fry.  Peel the top few bands of shell then pinch the tail to quickly remove the meat.

Thawing Instructions

  • Quick thawing can be achieved by running cold water over the prawns for 10 minutes, moving them around to ensure all are properly defrosted.  This is recommended.
  • Conventional thawing can be achieved by placing prawns or sealed bag in the refrigerator for 5-8 hours. Drain off excess liquid.

Safe Handling Instructions

  • BC Spot Prawns must not be over-thawed, refrozen or left sitting in their own juices or water. Once thawed use BC Spot Prawns immediately.
  • Frozen BC Spot Prawns will retain their quality for up to twelve months if stored at or below  -25°C.

Preparation Instructions

  • BC Spot Prawns are convenient and easy to prepare. They are well suited to many types of preparations including boil,  sauté,  steaming,  broiling and grilling on the barbeque.
  • For best results cook BC Spot Prawns  as soon as they are thawed.
  • Care should be taken not to overcook BC Spot Prawns with the best results achieved when cooked under  2  minutes.  As soon as the meat turns from translucent to opaque white they are done.  When boiling it is recommended to pull from the pot when the boiled prawns ‘look up’ to rise to the top.  Remove from the heat and give a quick cool rinse to stop cooking  Under cooking  is encouraged and results in a sweet and succulent prawn.
  • Flash freezing gives a cold ‘cooked’ product and allows for use as sashimi or “ebi”.

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